Zambia Orphans of AIDS UK (ZOA-UK) works to enable as many Zambian AIDS orphans as possible to fulfil their potential by covering fees and supplies so they can remain in school. They also fund tertiary education and vocational training, school feeding and building programmes, and households and communities that support orphans to set up income generating activities.

PWCF provided funding to ZOA-UK for their School Support Programme to supply school fees, requisite uniforms, stationery, shoes and mentoring, which enabled 60 Zambian AIDS orphans in impoverished child and grandparent-headed households to remain in education and have a better future.

Case Study

Ruth* is 14 and lives in a small village in Namwala province. She is the youngest of five children and her mother is a subsistence farmer, with no money for school costs. Consequently the older 4 siblings have not been educated.

Thanks to the Maseele Widows Club intervention and funding from UK donors (via ZOA-UK), Ruth is now in grade 6 at Kalundu Primary School. Like many children in her situation she is older than normal for her Grade, as she started school late.

In Ruth's own words:

“Before I started receiving help, there was no money for school fees. I had no shoes, no uniform, and no books. I was not going to school all the time because they [school staff] would send me back home to fetch money for outstanding school fees. This meant missing many school days because my mother did not have money for me to pay… If no help had come, I would have been out of school by now!

Now I am okay, I learn well. I am not chased from school because my fees are paid. I have since improved my performance from passing numbers 14 to 20 to the range of 3 to 5 [top is grade 1-2]. I am able to read. I enjoy going to school!”

*Name has been changed