PWCF supported The Thomas & Elizabeth Mayhook Charity to restore and repair the early Victorian Grade II listed stone boundary wall and footpaths at St David’s Cemetery, Carmarthen.

Work on the stone boundary wall initially began in the summer of 2016 when a team of volunteers from the local Royal Corps of Transport based at a barracks opposite the cemetery began the huge task of removing the immense growth of ivy on the wall.

Volunteers from the local barracks stand in a group beside the stone wall

Over the next two years, volunteers worked steadily to remove growth in the cemetery as a whole.

Local people visit St David’s Cemetery Carmarthen

In 2018, PWCF awarded the charity a grant towards the continued stone wall restoration as well as footpath renewal and seating installation.

The completed restoration of the stone wall has provided a great visual and structural improvement to the location and has also attracted praise in the workmanship undertaken to the grade II listed Victorian structure. The footpath improvements have made a huge difference to those who use it on a daily basis and to those visiting the cemetery.

St David’s Cemetery Carmarthen stone wall completed restoration.jpg

The transformation of a sad and indeed derelict stone wall into one of substance is there for all to see and the new footpath has brought joy to all of those who use it together with the newly installed seating.

St David’s Cemetery Carmarthen benches and seating area including upgraded path.jpg
Renewed footpath and seating area funded by PWCF.