Youth sitting and smiling together on a bouncy castle.

Families United Network

PWCF awarded a small grant to Families United Network (FUN) to support Youth and Young Adult Clubs for disabled young people and young adults in Bedfordshire.

The FUN Youth and Young Adult Clubs are designed to bring together vulnerable young people aged 10 to 25 with a broad spectrum of disabilities for fun activities as well as an opportunity to learn independent living skills, providing them with a sense of belonging and acceptance in their own community.

The project delivered the following outcomes:

  • Up to 1,200 places provided per year
  • 1 Youth Club per week during term time (36 sessions, 540 places per year)
  • 1 Young Adult Club per week per year (50 sessions, 750 places per year)
  • 35 parent carers receive respite

Youth Clubs for 10-17 year olds offers a range of themed activities.
Annual attendance 386

  • The Mexico themed evening, included use of the IT suite for research, cooking fajitas, making papier mache piñatas and sombreros and a fancy dress party.
  • Learning about healthy eating involved carrying out surveys and making fruit kebabs and smoothies.
  • Animal themed activities enabled the young people to research their favourite animals and draw/paint animals they could find around the building. They also made dinosaur cookies.
  • The young people formed a choir for the Christmas party. 

Young Adult Clubs for 18-40 year olds
Annual attendance 385

  • A visit to the Jump Arena enjoying an hour of trampolining.
  • A picnic at Dunstable Downs including kite flying, sketching, photography and cricket.
  • Young adults were put into groups to compete in the FUN Bake Off.
  • Socialising at their Christmas meal. 
  • Creating, and performing in, the Christmas Panto in front of families and friends.

Quotes from parents and carers:

"I am shocked; I can’t believe Adult A is capable of standing in front of an audience and delivering her lines"

"I can’t believe how much B has achieved this evening"

"C has loved rehearsing for this Panto, acting really helps calm her anxiety and she thrives in Drama"