Turquoise Mountain friends and supporters walking in California

1,000 mountain miles supporting healthcare in Kabul

For more than a decade, PWCF has supported Turquoise Mountain of which The Prince of Wales is Royal Founding Patron. Staff, friends and supporters of Turquoise Mountain around the world have come together to run and bike over 1,000 Mountain Miles, with a 30-mile bike ride through the hills of the California coast, runs along the coast of Cornwall, and through the beautiful landscapes of Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia, to raise over £20,000 for The Ferozkoh Family Health Centre in Kabul.

The Ferozkoh Family Health Centre is an urban clinic established and operated by Turquoise Mountain in Kabul, Afghanistan. This clinic provides community-oriented primary health care and family medicine, and specialises in maternal-child health and community health outreach. The clinic has served over 130,000 patients over the last decade (70% of whom are women), and is providing essential services during the pandemic at this difficult time.

One visit to the clinic costs only $50 per family, and all funds raised in this campaign will go directly toward the cost of the clinic. Please watch the mountain miles campaign video below and support the campaign at

Turquoise Mountain works to protect heritage and communities at risk around the world, and to provide jobs, education and a renewed sense of pride. The charity works in Afghanistan, Myanmar and the Middle East. 

Since 2006, Turquoise Mountain has restored over 150 historic buildings, employed and trained thousands of artisans and builders, built over 50 small businesses, and supported and generated $15.5 million in sales of traditional crafts to international markets.