A selection of Waitrose Duchy Organic products on a table

How we're funded

Our commercial subsidiaries donate their profits to provide income for our charitable activities. We also receive income from Trusts, Foundations and High Net Worth donors.

Duchy Originals Limited and Waitrose

HRH The Prince of Wales founded Duchy Originals Limited over 25 years ago with its first product - a biscuit made from wheat and oats grown organically on Home Farm at Highgrove. Since then, the range has grown to include more than 300 products, from everyday vegetables and milk to noteworthy ales and biscuits, and is now run by Waitrose & Partners.

Duchy Originals works in partnership with Waitrose to support British Farmers and sustainable farming programmes. The partnership gives Waitrose, the exclusive right to originate, promote and distribute Waitrose Duchy Organic products in the UK and overseas. Waitrose sells Waitrose Duchy Organic products through its own branches and at Waitrose.com and also wholesales Waitrose Duchy Organic products in the U.K. and overseas. Waitrose Duchy Organic is now Waitrose's flagship organic brand.

The Prince of Wales aimed to create what he calls a ‘virtuous circle’ by creating a company that helped small farmers find a new market for their goods while offering consumers natural, high quality food and promoting more sustainable production methods that improved soil health and protected the environment. Products in the Waitrose Duchy Organic range are made with high-quality organic ingredients, using meat sourced with sound animal husbandry and high welfare standards.

To complete the ‘virtuous circle’, the Partnership between Duchy Originals and Waitrose is built on the shared principles of Good Food, Good Farming, and Good Causes as set out in Waitrose's Good Food Charter. The Partnership aims to encourage British organic farming, thereby helping to preserve our heritage in the countryside. PWCF and The Prince's Countryside Fund receive a donation each year from the sale of Waitrose Duchy Organic products.

Highgrove Enterprises

Highgrove Enterprises is the trading name of AG Carrick Limited, a subsidiary of PWCF. The company manages the Highgrove shops which are currently located at Highgrove House and Tetbury as well as the online shop and garden tours to The Prince of Wales’s Highgrove Estate in Gloucestershire.

The shops sell organic foods and exclusive branded products for the home and garden. The products are inspired by the Highgrove Garden and the wide-ranging interests of The Prince of Wales. All products meet rigorous buying criteria and are sourced responsibly with regard to environmental issues. Profits from the Highgrove shops and tours of Highgrove gardens are donated to PWCF.

Trusts and Foundations

Thank you to players of The People's Postcode Lottery for their support of PWCF today and throughout the year. Future funding is intended to be awarded by Postcode Support Trust, a promoting society of People's Postcode Lottery.